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Sharing software development and marketing strategy

this article is about how to, through their own products (either sharing software or website or service) a planning profit, while the software design and website promotion is not the same, but the overall planning ideas or similar.

share software and services are becoming more and more like, many Web 2 sites actually and sharing software has the same nature, only the external manifestation is different, there is now a fashionable term is SaaS (software as a service), said the software is becoming more and more like a network service, therefore, for the software and site planning and marketing should be the idea and method of the same.

route selection

is the first choice of the domestic market or the international market. Different market development path is different. Relatively speaking, the price competition in the domestic market is very harsh, product sales rely on individual strength is not easy to complete. The international market has a more reasonable software product sales price, the return is relatively rich.

so if the English clearance, software or service products, the priority is the international market. There are many successful cases of pioneers, a lot of people to do software to take the international route, a monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars, and almost the same software at home but sales do not go out. There are many reasons for this, mainly because the international market is superior to the domestic market and much more standardized. The advertisement price or price than at least ten times higher than the domestic, as a result, sales of the same set of software in the world’s income is ten times higher than the domestic income, also a website advertising click, IP International than domestic IP price is ten times higher. For example, sharing a very simple MP3 into CD software software author Zhou Yi predecessors, then hit a record of $forty thousand per month.

product selection

product selection is very important, early planning to produce a product, we must first understand the similar products in the international or domestic market? Who are the main competitors? Is there a monopoly in the opponent? If you find that there is a very strong opponent is also making the same product, and has monopolized most of the market, then do not do the same products.

potential competitors

well, if you have chosen a good product, not what competitors on the market, sales are also very good, so you should keep low-key style, and pay attention to whether the potential competitors in the relevant market. Unless your product has an "imitation" feature.

is for example when David weeks, monthly income of more than $forty thousand, bought a BMW sedan, are more deadly in CSDN wrote many articles to introduce their products on the road to success, even with the marketing channel strategy, technology and so on, this is great for the China overseas share role in promoting the development of software, shareware overseas exponential growth, but for >


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