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Do you have money in the early stages of the product

believe that entrepreneurship this thing, big guy readers will be familiar with: but to do their own products, do their own model, sell their own things, and finally once the success is to make their own big money. However, all this sounds very nice, very energetic entrepreneurial dreams, but always faced some major problems: such as early as entrepreneurs, not enough money, want to do a good job in this product, but it is very strong, resulting in less money in many parts of the user experience, UI does not pass, that is not how much money you can hire someone to do. What can we do about it?

then the last week when the number 23 in the circle of friends and business circles personage to discuss this topic, please return them. The results so I did not think that entrepreneurs on this topic very enthusiastic response, it can be said maxed out my circle of friends, so I have a lot of discussion from the summarized many things, then I would take the sum up today, let’s talk about this very important to entrepreneurs of the topic, no money to do business in the early



venture no money, how to do product


before the author is also a pioneer in half, Taobao opened a shop selling snacks, nuts, initially sold well, but then the profit is the busy time, home because people work badly in need of help, there is no way to shut down the shop. But for the business of this line of interest as well as the attention of science and technology heat is still not reduced, in January this year, intends to try again to do a project from the media business.

since it is done from the media, the author intends to select a goal of science and technology website. Hand there still have the original Taobao business people with me, so the group of old friends, start again ready to do a brace up again. But again, means that the front will appear many new stumbling block, after we solve the problems such as server, website templates, and finally the biggest stumbling block appears: we can build a website, but a lot of preset function of existing capital cannot afford a technology to achieve. If you do not achieve these features can not give users a good user experience, and even a poor experience. So, we have no way to please in the circle of friends who did not expect the weapon, caused a big discussion.

bending design product features, the weak point of

cover product experienceThere are some entrepreneurs

circles pointed out, first make a product, its function is one of the most important, the user experience should be considered a second, so we should pay more attention to the function and ignore the demonstration of their user experience deficiencies. So we should raowan should also realize the function of products, because if there is no function, with good user experience, but also of no avail. For example, if the QQ design a beautiful and even more beautiful appearance, but can not chat can not make a phone call, it is useless for people.

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