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B2C electric double eleven War Subversion of Tmall in 1 days is equal to the United States for two m



every reporter Xie Xiaoping from Hangzhou

editor press

is currently Chinese B2C electricity supplier in the field of early ", the seven powers hegemony" pattern, which is a Alibaba under the Jingdong, Tmall mall, suning.com, Gome, Tencent owned by Amazon, WAL-MART, easy China holding shop.

IT is known as "the boss, the second and third meat soup gandengyan" said, the electricity supplier industry is also true. "Seven", overlord Tmall basic lock "top three" tickets, the rest of the "six male" will fight for the remaining two "ticket". This newspaper today launched the "seven" grab a ticket "business war" series of reports, a comprehensive analysis of "fighting for you".

China’s electricity supplier companies and traditional business ecosystem between a revolutionary subversion officially started.

yesterday (November 12th) at 0:40, hundreds of employees of the Alibaba in the Tmall "double eleven Shopping Festival, the main battlefield of Hangzhou Huaxing Times Building, held a small celebration. The third study hall wall of large screen display, "double eleven" on the same day, Alipay’s total sales of 19 billion 100 million yuan.

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that nearly 1/6 of this data is equivalent to 2011 annual sales of Gome, the equivalent of the Wangfujing department store sales last year, nearly 2.36 times the equivalent of 2011’s Chinese McDonald’s 1400 stores total sales.

day in the "double eleven" promotional activities, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma in an interview with CCTV dished out the "lion sheep theory", pointed out that the "double eleven" is a new business model of the dispute, the new model represented by electronic commerce has become a lion, will "eat" the traditional business ecosystem system. The data confirm this view.

Ma Yun bet 20 billion less than

each team leader attention, there are still 1 hours from dawn, and our traffic is still rising, we do the final sprint." The evening of November 11th, the Hangzhou times the star 22 lights, Tmall mall CEO happy child picked up in the hands of the "hand" (intercom) is still in issue orders left and right.

in this less than 15 square meters of office, hanging on the wall of the two block screen, the screen with data update ceaselessly. Here is the Tmall double eleven Shopping Festival command center.

as well as the screen as well as a whole combat map, a detailed record of the functional departments of the contact name, telephone, so as to contact at any time. "Our principle this time is to find only one person, and to deal with them according to the importance of the matter." An insider involved in the command center on the daily economic news reporter said.

4 years ago by the Alibaba launched the "double eleven" >


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