Baidu alliance theme lab formally launched

    today Baidu theme promotion, found that adding a new thing, originally launched a new style, using the slide version of the form, in this way, can be more than the original number of display ads, 3 times at the same time, " Baidu theme promotion " increase the Baidu paws Icon in front of the few a word may be good, you can try. I stand specific article page new style presentation, Baidu style is more and more, Google Adsense why halt? Or that several old.

this is received notification:

Baidu alliance theme lab formally launched  

is pleased to tell you that in order to provide more rapid template styles and functions of the new to the union station, "Baidu theme promotion" launched the "theme", "title theme" and "theme links", today officially launched the long-awaited birth "theme laboratory" in the subject will we provide laboratory "by Baidu alliance team of experts the latest research and development of new style, new effects and new features.

all the new styles that appear in the theme lab will be recorded and paid for. Once you’ve put the code in the theme lab, no matter which category the style will be classified in the future, you don’t need to change the code.

has launched a new template in six sizes, in the promotion of unit size unchanged, the effect of dynamic paging polling, can display up to 9 promotional content, we can be expected to improve the promotion effect and the income of stationmaster alliance.


we will be in the theme lab in the introduction of more code style, welcome to actively participate in the use of. On the use of the problems encountered, please feel free to contact us, we can also be in the "Baidu Union Post Bar" ( Baidu kw= alliance) to leave your suggestions and comments on the new style.

welcome to the alliance on the product and the operation of the relevant content of criticism and suggestions, we will actively deal with, for which enthusiastic users, we will give appropriate incentives.


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