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Baidu PPC service lawsuit Evercare lost 130 thousand

"Baidu" search options "has entered the" beautiful "website, Shisanba Cosmetic Surgery Hospital on the grounds of unfair competition, the Beijing new times happy medical beauty hospital Co. Ltd. and Baidu together with the court, claims nearly 530 thousand yuan. Reporters learned that morning, Chaoyang Court held that the YiMeier companies constitute unfair competition, judgment and Baidu.com Times Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. joint compensation options hospital economic losses and reasonable expenses totaling more than 13 yuan.

court found that the Baidu search engine site in the PPC business operators for Baidu.com Times Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baidu Time Inc).

August 15, 2007, beautiful beauty salon and Baidu Time Inc signed a "Baidu bidding contract", "pay promotion fee" paid to participate in the "Baidu PPC service". In April 17th this year, beautiful beauty salons in the Baidu Time Inc to pay promotion fee 40 thousand yuan after the bid ranking system to login to submit online keyword "options" and beautiful web site, wrote "happy options" link title.

Baidu PPC system will automatically "options of happiness" and the beautiful beauty salon website keywords of the associated settings. So, in the Baidu page click on the options of happiness "link, then entered the beautiful beauty salon website.

after the court hearing that the history of 38 beauty salon has certain market visibility, beautiful beauty salons unauthorized use of the name "options" as key words in "Baidu PPC service", to mislead consumers into the beautiful beauty salon website, which has a negative impact on the history of 38 beauty salon.

the court held that the Ibero American beauty salon subjective malice obvious, a serious violation of the principle of honesty and credit in the market competition, constitute unfair competition, should bear the legal liabilities for infringement. Baidu Time Inc has fault subjectively, objectively help the beautiful beauty salon implementation of acts of unfair competition, and shall be jointly liable beautiful beauty salons.

the final judgment of the court of common compensation company, Baidu Time Inc yimei’er Shisanba Cosmetic Surgery Hospital economic loss of 100 thousand yuan; reasonable expenses 3.1 yuan; the hospital dismissed other claims of options.


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