The 3 day mourning webmaster also action

State Council announcement: May 19th to 21 national day of mourning, for the expression of the people of all ethnic groups in Sichuan Wenchuan 0 earthquake. The earth deep condolences to the victims, the State Council decided in May 19, 2008 to the 21 national day of mourning. In the meantime, the national and foreign institutions Xiaban Qi, stop public recreational activities, the foreign ministry and China’s embassies and consulates set up condolence book. 14:28 on May 19th, the National People’s silence for 3 minutes, then the car, train, ship whistle, air raid sirens.

as a webmaster, on our website, with our unique way, with gray color to mourn the dead compatriots


in the CSS header of the page to add the following code can be

HTML {filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage (grayscale=1)

is valid only for IE.