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Ericsson mirror why NOKA at Apple for patent infringement litigation

recently, NOKIA to 3 in Germany and the United States Court filed a lawsuit against apple, which sued the infringement of its patents 32. The latest news that NOKIA has expanded the country for Apple patent litigation. So the question is, why NOKIA at this time filed a patent lawsuit against apple? What is the reason behind the


is well known, since NOKIA’s mobile phone business will be sold to Microsoft, to support its business development (market share, revenue and profit) is the operator based telecommunications equipment and solutions. For in this last is the core business based, NOKIA in 2015 to 15 billion 600 million euros (about $16 billion 600 million) price, the acquisition of a wholly-owned telecom equipment maker Alcatel lucent (Alcatel-Lucent, hereinafter referred to as "Aaron"). Although the money to go to mergers and acquisitions, NOKIA entered the global telecom equipment manufacturers and the top of the column, in terms of revenue and ranked second but is still not much difference between Ericsson, HUAWEI ranked first and inferior by comparison. For example, in the past 2015, HUAWEI revenue 395 billion yuan (equivalent to $60 billion 800 million, after the merger of the new NOKIA Aaron revenue of $29 billion 100 million ($13 billion 600 million for the NOKIA, Alcatel lucent, $15 billion 500 million) is only half of HUAWEI’s revenue, and profits in the overall business performance is basically the same. It can be seen that in the future of traditional telecommunications equipment and solutions market, Ericsson will be the most direct rival NOKIA. Unfortunately, the two were caught in the plight of the decline in performance due to telecom equipment upgrade cycle.

is reported that, due to the latest generation of 4G mobile network market has been saturated, which makes the major network equipment vendors have to rely on the expansion of related equipment upgrades. At the same time, the major telecom operators also pushed the virtual network, which means that its prospects in the network hardware spending on smaller and market growth is very limited, and a new round of network upgrade cycle begin at the earliest in 2020 or so, this kind of objective market environment are reflected in the Ericsson and NOKIA’s earnings report.

, for example, the latest earnings report, Ericsson in the third quarter of this year, operating profit of SEK from the same period last year fell to SEK 300 million, a decline of up to 93%, revenue fell by 14% to SEK 51 billion 100 million. Similarly, NOKIA’s third quarter earnings report, its network equipment business revenue and profits have declined, the specific performance of revenues of $5 billion 950 million, down by 7%. The network equipment revenue fell 12%, to 5 billion 320 million euros; operating profit of 556 million euros ($606 million), down 18%, but due to the recent acquisition of Aaron after cutting costs, its performance is better than rivals Ericsson. So for Ericsson and NOKIA, before 2020, at least should be able to find a solution to thirst (to maintain or improve performance) approach.

compared with the traditional telecom business revenue and profits fell sharply, in terms of patent licensing, Ericsson and NOKIA is completely ice >


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