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New domain name open threshold low when appetizer is no longer appetizing


following the July 20th registration open new suffix ".Co" domain name, recently announced the Somali Republic foreign top-level domain name ".So" will be registered in March 2011 opening, the domestic domain name investors and companies, companies will face a test of domain name registration protection or investment, together with the ".Cc", ".Cm" and ".Cn.com" suffix new stage, thus triggered a debate on the pros and cons of the domestic new domain name suffix to the domain name market and discussion.

some people think that the new top-level domain is the domain name industry in the development of a dish of appetizers, entrees are still ".Com", ".Cn" and other mainstream domains, but with more new top-level domain registration open, no longer appetizing appetizers, it will lead to another problem: so, not an appetizer too much? So many appetizers, stomach have


indeed, these countries not only to code a new top-level domain gradually open registration, industry, occupation, brand and other top-level domain suffix to continue to apply for the domain name market and the management of the Internet has brought no small pressure, will open a new domain name suffix to lower the threshold, is bound to set off a "pan" the tornado, so, the opening of new TLDs is a blessing or a curse?

Canon Co and IBM on brand new top-level domain for a clear attitude, in September, NOKIA also plans to apply to ICANN brand new top-level domain name ".Brand", Casino.com also plans to apply for a new gambling site top suffixes, including ".Xxx", domain name application.


moves more and more new top-level domain application, which will make the ICANN approved by the lower threshold, such as the new top-level domain name approved open registration, in addition to investors and enterprises will absorb attention, the management of the Internet will also cause problems, and a variety of domain name suffixes not only dazzling, it is easier to part the application domain is bad. Safety and technology has become the primary issue of new suffixes.

second, the impact of the new domain name to the domain name market, the business opportunities to investors. .co open registration, although registration amounted to more than 200 thousand, but most of them are still registered foreign investors, a small part of the domestic domain name registration, for the enterprise, website of registered trademark protection, profits and flow, the new domain name is less advantage.

.cc,.Cm and other new suffixes

before the open registration as small stones into the sea, the waves subtle unremarkable, it is doomed to the two domain names ending in the domestic market, it is not the meat and potatoes, but cold. The new suffix is only suitable for the protection of the registration, but not for the real profit investment, and some enterprises in the new suffix domain name was registered, extremely easy to cause the dispute, the feasibility of registration greatly reduced profit.

new suffix domain name registration can really open to the domain name market to bring a certain amount of tim


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