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first_imgReader reviewsOn 1 Oct 2003 in Personnel Today This month’s reader reviewsTop coaching tips for pragmatistsTraining manager of Claire’s Accessories Gillian Ince reviews: Go Mad AboutCoaching by Andy Gilbert and Ian ChakravortyFormat: Book with free CD Price: £19.99 ( Plus £3 p& p)From: Go Mad Research & Consulting Group Contact: 01509 891313weblink: www.gomadonline.comOne of many publications from the Go MAD series (MAD standing for make adifference, by the way), this book is a must for all you pragmatists out there.You know who you are; not interested in theory, just wanting to learn the modeland put it into practise as soon as possible. Take it from one pragmatist toanother; you certainly can with this publication. You are instantly introduced to the Go MAD framework. This is followed byuseful tips, tools, techniques and templates on how to structure a coachingsession, as well as more than 200 extremely powerful coaching questions – allof which can be easily understood and used immediately. It is accompanied by a free 60-minute audio CD, which allows you to hear howa real-life coaching session is carried out, and gives examples and exercisesto use immediately. Overall, a very interactive learning resource for the novice coach or themore experienced individual looking for practical, realistic ways to developtheir own ability or teach others. Blended customer service trainingLucille Breen, director of humanresources at Genesys Software Systems reviews: OutstandingCustomer Services SkillsFormat: e-learning courses plus a two-day workshop from blended learningcompany Balance Learning Designed and delivered by: Balance LearningContact 01453 769 601 e-mail: [email protected]: a provider of HR and learning-related software and outsourcing services,our expectations of internal training are very high. We were interested intesting Balance Learning’s Outstanding Customer Service Skills programmebecause our own experience of working with customer learning programmes hasdemonstrated the value of blended learning. The programme’s focus on customer service also matched one of our topcorporate values.  Outstanding Customer Service Skills combines three dimensions:separate e-learning courses, a classroom workshop session, and post-eventactivities. We piloted it with 13 people, including our entire customer serviceteam.We gave the participants seven to 10 days to undertake thee-learning element at their own pace (either at work or at home) and thenprovided the hands-on training two days later. We wanted things to come together quickly to keep up the momentum.The e-learning courses were very focused, entertaining andenjoyable. They provide the necessary knowledge and illustrate the link betweenoutstanding service and long-term sales. We all rated them very highly, withnot one negative comment.  Thee-learning ensures that everyone has reached the same level before the hands-onsession. Balance Learning provides everything you need to run a classroomsession, including PowerPoint slides and even a trainer’s script. These can betailored to reflect feedback from the e-learning evaluations. Even non-trainerscould deliver an effective workshop from these ready-made materials. However, we opted for two of Balance Learning’s three-hourworkshops. These taught six to seven people in each group, and were run byBalance Learning consultants at our head office training facility. Although a good trainer will always be able to run a goodworkshop, we found the e-learning element really complemented the hands-onsession, which made for very effective learning.For the last part of the programme, Balance Learning providescustomisable activities which can be e-mailed to participants after the event,to reinforce the learning in practice. This provides a truly unique follow-upapproach which is guided and structured.With the time pressures facing people at work today, it is notalways possible to take staff away from the workplace for long periods oftraining. This programme offers a great way to condense training time,and provides a very thorough and satisfying learning experience for all levels– from junior members to the vice president. It proved so successful, that ourcompany is now going to run the training course for our entire sales team. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. last_img


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