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Domain buyers buy 530 thousand gold domain name Gold.net

March 24th news: according to foreign media reports, the word domain name hit a good sales price overseas, the domain name Gold.net to 50000 pounds to sell, about RMB 530 thousand yuan, the current domain name can be accessed.


domain name Gold.net can be translated into gold, gold, gold and other means, Whois information, Gold.net domain name domain name registered in April 1994, has been 17 years of history of the domain name is registered, information privacy protection status, the identity of the buyer is unclear, visit the domain name, the website is a CentOS page information system.

the same period there are several good price auction domain name, the domain name gloops.com to $11000, sold 10000 euros in beurk.com domain, pingone.com domain name to sell 7000 dollars, 6000 euros hotelglobe.com domain name transactions.

gold in the domestic value of money, popularity, and jewelry and metal domain in the domestic market is good, such as the recent domestic buyers from abroad to buy back the jewelry Pinyin domain name zhubao.com, a consortium of domestic enterprises buying two heavyweight letter top-level domain cu.com, the domain name or the name of copper.


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