Queen’s rugby bloodbath

first_imgThree rugby players from Queen’s College have been injured following a violent rugby match against Magdalen this week, with one player having to have metal plates set in his jaw.Jonty Strachan, has had to have metal plates set into his jaw, Tom Nash has broken his leg while another player, James Thompson has broken his nose.Queen’s lost the match 6 – 3 and JCR president Strachan puts this down to the “series of unfortunate events” debilitating the three players.He described the game as “very close” with “just bad luck” playing a big role in this “very bloody match” which perhaps they could have “easily won” were it not for the injuries.He added that despite what may be assumed there was “not a physical mismatch” and Magdalen were not being excessively aggressive.Strachan has had to take time off from all duties to recover at home after having already spent a few nights at the John Radcliffe Hospital.The injury itself came as he attempted a tackle, his jaw colliding with the opponent’s knee. James Thompson described the surgery on his team-mate as “serious”.Doctors used plates to repair Strachan’s jaw which had split down the front and had to wire his cheeks; he also lost a few teeth.Thompson also describes the match as “close-scoring” despite being a “bit bloody” and puts the loss down to a lack of shape and structure after Strachan’s hospitalisation.He himself is unsure what caused his broken nose, which came two minutes before Strachan’s “more serious” accident.The catalogue of injuries grew with Tom Nash. His injury came as a player fell on him, yet it was only after being sent off half an hour later did he realise his leg was broken. He is now on crutches.The Queen’s captain called the match “tight” and “well contested” despite what may appear to be a bloodbath.Moreover, he described the “good sportsmanship” of the players in a game that was “great to watch” and enjoyable to play in.He did, however, express the opinion that the professional referee “wasn’t very good” and, although Magdalen would probably disagree, he felt that he “changed his mind quite a lot”.last_img


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