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How does Tencent dominate the nternet ban easecredit from Q domain name Wang Xiaobing

renamed China (eName.cn) June 4th news, WeChat did not change the gene monopoly Tencent, banned Microsoft wheatgrass, NetEase easecredit, Ali also could not escape its clutches. The Tencent advertised "open" repeatedly questioned, but now it seems it is the realization of a fig leaf of monopoly". A Tencent Penguin overweening appearance, will let it become the real master of the domestic Internet world? Or will be on the road of self expansion farther away? In the domain of the road, Tencent and those blocked "ice", and how it came to



easy letter

"easy" is a NetEase and China Telecom jointly developed the instant messaging software, September 2013 Tencent easecredit official website was suppressed, QQ and computer Butler will define it as "low confidence – website vulnerabilities have been exploited by hackers, hacking risk". NetEase easy letter official website to download the platform for the yixin.im,.Im suffix, although easy to believe IM tools fit, but so non mainstream domain name, not everyone can accept.



exchange instant messenger Alibaba launched the protection of brand name Ali is more comprehensive, will between Pinyin domain name laiwang.com/.cn/.com.cn/.net in the hands of the.COM, the domain name laiwang.com has built Ali APP download platform. In November 2013, Ali’s dealings have also been screened WeChat, Tencent mobile Butler detection, the page may contain malicious fraud content, has terminated the visit".


Microsoft Wheatgrass

and Microsoft intelligent robot wheatgrass in May 29th this year was on the line, June 1st, Microsoft wheatgrass official website and website msxiaobing.com timeout error phenomenon, the site posted a notice that "the penguins are killing wheatgrass, in addition to the Tencent also fully banned Microsoft wheatgrass WeChat account. According to the "Chinese domain whois information query, Microsoft wheatgrass spelling weiruanxiaobing.com/.cn was registered in May," Microsoft Qi ice "domain name weiruanqibing.com on the 1 of this month is registered.

In addition,

NetEase easecredit Ali, Microsoft wheatgrass, WeChat Tencent also blocked grassroots public number, ban public account and from the media etc.. In the face of powerful penguin, power behavior, or anger or Tencent to seek new way of transformation and upgrading, and the imperial Tencent did not change the gene, the "Q" series of brand name has become a unique symbol of the future, the Tencent "QQ" empire or the increasingly large, qq.com "Q" domain name hold up half the sky. >


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