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Papi sauce and the logic of thinking a planned part company each going his own way

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in November 23rd, a number of media reports, the logic of thinking of divestment Papi sauce. 23 PM, Papi, listen to the thunder rain sauce partner CEO Yang Ming outside of Papi sauce and broken rumors Luo Zhenyu investment relationship in the WeChat circle of friends issued a response, confirmed the rumors, and explain the logic of thinking of divestment is due to the direction of the business.


at present, Luo thinking CEO Li Tiantian did not give a response to this matter, Luo Ji Thinking founder Luo Zhenyu in this statement under the message, rivers and lakes in this way, do not mind. There’s always someone who wants to see jokes."

and Papi sauce also responded: "we have been very grateful to the teacher." And that the logic of thinking of divestment "will not cause any impact (Papi sauce)."


industry has also been rumoured, after the logic of thinking out of investment projects, the fund will become the real Xu Xiaoping then set man, after all, real funds on the Papi sauce showed great interest and support. This afternoon, Papi sauce investors, it real fund partner Xu Xiaoping confirmed the rumors to the media, "I make such a great decision logic thinking, cut off the non main business focus," APP "praise and rejoice in the turning point! More praise of their warrior arm and give up Papi sauce and the thing to share the fund’s"

smart thing to do!

this means that Zhenge fund received 5% shares from the logic of thinking according to the original transfer, from the initial 5%, increased to 10%, officially became the "marriage" in Papi sauce". Xu Xiaoping expressed holding shizaibide with a joke, "that people are willing to bid ten times the acquisition of Zhenge fund on hand Papi shares sauce? – do not think beautiful, I do not sell


for the current crisis in Papi sauce, Xu Xiaoping also said: "how long can Papi be red? I don’t know. But I know: as a true grid fund founder, every day I take to start my work day to fund it real can live long this anxiety." Compared with the logic of thinking "ahead of the consumer, to leave early, it real fund seems to be more of a sense of crisis," A fighting spirit soars aloft., and the sense of crisis and challenges beyond, is the entrepreneur’s hero background."

"quack" update so fast, people can not help but sigh, the logic of thinking and Papi sauce exactly when "dubious"? In fact, from April this year, Luo Zhenyu on the cooperation with Papi sauce that has been broken wind constantly, and this is the statement with this message, finally let the dust settled: Papi sauce with logic thinking from the beginning of March this year the Red Net Marriage – patch advertising auction > 12 million high-profile investment, 22 million


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