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The Ministry agreed to Renren as the new top-level domain name registration authority

Legal Evening News recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially approved the North dragon net, science and technology, all three companies of the registration authority for the new top-level domain, responsible for the operation, maintenance and management". URL ",".Wang",". Mall, ".Ren" four top-level domain name. This marks the four new top-level domain formally incorporated into China’s domain name management system development in China will be "all the way through".

is reported that in 2011 ICANN launched a new generic top-level domain to carry out the plan,". Web site and other applications included in the first list. April 2014,". Web site into the root of the international application to complete all aspects of the review, a new generic top-level domain name, in August 2014 officially open to the global register.

according to the latest data from the third party Statistics Agency (ntldstats.com): open enrollment is only four months,". The domain name of the global ownership has exceeded 60 thousand, ranking in the world’s largest Chinese new generic top-level domain, which shows that". Website domain name to represent the pure Chinese domain name in line with Chinese Internet users demand.

domain name engineering center senior researcher Zhang Jianchuan said that in the international arena, the domain name registration agency for the company’s main body. With the promotion of the new top-level domain name expansion program, a number of domestic companies to apply for the operation of the new top-level domain name. The Ministry of industry and the approval of the first batch of the company’s main domain name registration authority, will accelerate the pace of China’s domain name market with international standards, the company’s main body more flexible market competition system will promote the development of the domain name. The domain name market competition will All flowers bloom together., contention of a hundred schools of thought.


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