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Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week (7.7-7.13)

    a message let me earn 300 thousand monthly information on the importance of webmaster

write this topic, some Adsense may feel too exaggerated, not credible. Some owners will feel the information is very important, but I think it will not produce such a direct effect. I use my real experience to prove this point of view.

a female programmers feel sad and helpless

to tell the truth, really tired. Hard again hard, hard again, and fought with the men, staying up late to work overtime until midnight, exhausted. Occasionally concerned, will pretend strong smile, say nothing, the world without men and women program. The project manager and running tens of thousands of rounds, and finally get the supervisor’s position. But we should always beware of junior programmers even suppressed.

Baidu, the old station laughed the new owners cry

thanks the Admin5 Adsense nets, give them a good publicity platform, a few articles I write the very dish, still can pass the examination, N said the picture always support our brother to write text, which I also tasted the benefits. As long as the fastest two or three minutes will be included in Baidu, a two chain is a PHP page, a HTML page, but this is very magical ah ~! Comrades against being called the psychological, to write the original stationmaster net, do not care about the opinions of others, anyway. Lin Zi what birds are big, just like the 5.12 Sichuan earthquake, China face big grief, but a lot of people to hype, even more bizarre is also called Chinese Chinese, pull away.

technician entrepreneurial failure Guide (on): cooperative venture trap

Hello everyone, I am Ye Teng, the title of this article is called "technician venture failure guide". We must wonder, why not write "a guide to success"? The first reason: see my previous article friends know, my 10 years has experienced numerous failures, but without success, the loser can write failure as a senior guide, not qualified to write a guide to success.

to overcome the failure of technician technician venture Guide (next)

The last time the

article also mentioned, not good at communication is a common problem of technical staff, but also want to be recognized, love is one of the people also boast of Mingmen technician. And the people who engage in the market is to play this, so the disadvantages of the technical staff came out. When discuss cooperation, these subtle differences, let the market to seize the staff and technical personnel will lead to unfair treatment of Mingmen, technical personnel and long-term expansion. So the technical personnel must not forget their crow identity, not because the suggestible abandoned their own interest, thus being used.

also said Baidu: you may let a lot of people to change the line

from the beginning of the site now has five or six years, remember 02 years will have a personal home page, that is what all don’t understand, Dreamw>


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