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Father of Free Software Gives Conference in Ecuador

first_imgBy Dialogo June 11, 2009 Quito, 9 Jun (EFE). – Richard Stallman, considered the father of the free software movement, will visit Ecuador this Monday, and will give a conference in Quito. The lecture will deal with the “Free Software Movement and GNU/LINUX Operating System,” and will be given in the Army Polytechnic Institute (ESPE), according to the Ecuadorian Presidency on its web site. Stallman presented the GNU operating system back in 1984 “as a way to break through barriers. This allows access to technology without commercial or economic interruptions, thus contributing to social development,” explains the article. His main achievements as a software developer include the text editor Emacs, the GCC compiler, and the GDB debugger under the GNU Project. Stallman also invented the concept of Copyleft, a type of software license which ensures that the application will remain free for ever and its use and further evolution can continue to benefit the community. Among other proposals, he wants to eliminate the expression “intellectual property” from the definitions of royalties, patents, and brands. He states that this term, as its concept indicates, benefits big business and “confuses” society. Stallman’s visit was organized by the ESPE, the University of the Americas (UDLA), and the Ecuadorian Association of Free Software (ASLE).last_img


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