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Please millions of owners together, Kabasiji denounced the false positives incident

I’m just a very ordinary people, I run the female e-commerce sites have been more than three years, traffic and revenue has been good, in Guangdong this piece of the Internet economy and the relatively developed areas is still famous, many of my clients are very loyal, understand and enjoy the love yourself female friend. For every webmaster general assembly or exchange salon, I always as a speaker and other webmaster Exchange Internet application experience, and therefore secretly proud.


began yesterday morning, when I opened the computer as usual to enter my site, I installed the Kabasiji anti virus software pop prompt web site contains a Trojan horse program and can not be cleared, and direct interception. I suddenly nervous, immediately let the technical staff to check the site, but did not find any problems. At the same time, during this period, Kabasiji is also doing the same alarm for many well-known websites. After confirmation of the technical staff, the original Kabasiji is used in our analysis of the site traffic statistics page CNZZ alarm. CNZZ is a statistical tool that I used for a long time, I know a lot of webmasters are using CNZZ statistics every day to view traffic and access details, can be said to be a good tool for webmasters or webmasters. But when you see the virus prompted after I really stupid, don’t believe what I believe is a statistical product was suddenly burst virus? Immediately, I was in QQ a webmaster group in other webmasters have raged, many people have suggested that Kabasiji virus in the discussion, really is puzzled. At the same time, I prepared to buy goods and customer contact orders, they almost everyone said to visit my website has a virus that infected if their computer, decide against goods, do not intend to patronize a "potential threat" and began to doubt by Alipay! The transaction will steal their accounts, resulting in loss of money for them.

I was in tears, you know in a few minutes, I don’t even know what happened, how good business is all gone? Then I immediately enter the official website of CNZZ, they saw an emergency statement published on the front page, it is Kabasiji’s white in Ming false positives. We small webmaster and CNZZ, can only passively waiting for Kabasiji’s solution. This time my mood is unspeakable, at the red window keeps popping up the virus that at one point in time flow away, consulting products customers are less, than usual site traffic fell sharply, I really want to rush to the Kabasiji company in Beijing, a good question how they so false soon, it is so slow to solve


I almost every few minutes to refresh the CNZZ announcement post, see so many brothers and sisters and I like Kabasiji because of false positives on their users or customers can not explain. You know, in China, many of the Internet users, the vast majority are rookie level, we know that this is just a false alarm of Kabasiji, is a big mistake CNZZ unification


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