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Do the analysis required three ways to promote the foreign trade

product definition analysis:

Alibaba representative: e-commerce

Google representative: search engine

e – commerce, the use of electronic communication, the seller and the buyer for all kinds of business activities

search engine search tool

Alibaba: China supplier

Google:google left ranking, GoogleA dWords promotion

Alibaba personnel conditions: a person responsible for the management of inquiry processing.

GoogleA dWords promotion personnel conditions: responsible for network advertising management.

Google left ranking optimization personnel conditions: one or more SEOer to maintain a number of customers.

product service analysis:

China supplier (www.alibaba.com):1 professional business platform 2 credit authentication 3 Global trade show to promote the background management system of 5 instant communication tool 6VIP service customer service training for 700 years

AdWords (adwords.google.com):: 1 agents: responsible for the production of advertising and the cost of settlement of the 2 self-service: DIY

Google (www.ckcf.com.cn www.wuhanbl.com www.ce36.cn ranking optimization company www.asp100.cn): analysis of 1 keyword expansion and target user positioning tool 2 station optimization and the chain quality increase and enhance weight 3 website domain name reasonable layout planning and improve the effect of 4 keyword optimization service your rate of return on investment.

Analysis of

product price: GoogleA dWords:1, the agent (in the power and resources, Shanghai, Beijing, to the mobile era Zibolan) 2, DIY only need to pay US$5.00 to start the AdWords account, then you can choose US$0.01 US$100 as the maximum cost per click (CPC). Key words: related keywords main products (general, set up an enterprise within 10 clicks): 0-100 times / day according to authoritative statistics: enterprise website effective flow (refers to stay on the site for more than 15 seconds) accounted for 10% of total traffic, depending on the product, a leads is basically accounted for effective traffic 0-3%. Assuming that each click is 1 yuan, you can calculate: the need to produce a leads cost about 1000/1000*10%*3%*=333 yuan, takes time for 3.33 days. Suppose the price per click is 2 yuan per month 10000>


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