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The traditional men’s business jiuluwang e-commerce way

small on the weekend attended by the seventh session of the state power Chinese online retail will be responsible for many traditional enterprises have published opinions at the meeting, summed up his business trip. The China jiuluwang e-commerce general manager Cao Quangen’s share is that deep, the following small share of traditional menswear enterprise electronic commerce road jiuluwang.


, a traditional enterprise status of jiuluwangBefore the introduction of

in electronic commerce jiuluwang Road, Cao Zongxian was introduced as the summary of the status of the traditional enterprise jiuluwang company.

1, identity; airborne to the company’s e-commerce sector, in September took over the electricity supplier sector, so far only more than two months;

2, background: 15 years of history of traditional enterprises, the line of the following more than and 600 stores, sales of more than $500 million;

3, support: there are two factories, R & D design, marketing, brand operation and the 15 branches;


4, huadaijiaqian invited actor Nick Cheung endorsement, solve a lot of problems in the process of operation, enhance the brand trust and image;

two, the new electricity supplier


1, not enough understanding of the electricity supplier

manager fifteen years operating line enterprise, mode of thinking is the traditional business model, has never been involved in the electricity business, the lack of understanding of the business, and not very much do not understand the electricity supplier, electricity supplier is a complete look at the data operation mode. The main line is still based on the main line is just a channel sales, the goal is to clean up inventory, reduce pressure.

2, just look at the immediate interests, the lack of long-term planning

investment is limited, I hope to see returns and benefits, based on the understanding of e-commerce, the lack of long-term planning for the electricity supplier, the overall layout, strategy and revenue analysis.

3, online products and offline product positioning is not the same

jiuluwang is men’s business brand, the main consumer groups under the line is 30-50 year old business man; and online major groups of young people aged 15-30 user, location difference, causes the product positioning the product online and offline is not consistent, so a business positioning thinking is also important problem.

4, lack of professional electricity supplier

because the enterprise is located in the edge of the area of the two tier cities, electricity supplier development is not strong, fewer employees, leading to a large degree of lack of professional talent – bad recruit.

5, lack of collaboration within the enterprise

due to the differences between offline and online user groups, it is necessary to address the differences in different product strategies. However, it is difficult for the product line to be suitable for the products of the online population


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