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Three operators to ban DC small room suffered a major impact on the site

CCTV exposure

telecom operators of mobile Internet "jurisprudence case" is the formation of a national anti frenzy, and began to gradually.

it is understood that the parties concerned are besieged on the "yellow flow" from all aspects of the industry chain, including domain name registration, content providers, access service, IDC (Internet Data Center, Internet Data Center) and etc., which cut off the "yellow flow" of IDC services is the industry that is from physics was completely cut off by the survival of the soil "yellow website".

anti IDC


on the evening of December 9th, CCTV’s "focus" column on the mobile phone network pornography further reports, once again attracted the attention of all parties, and the CCTV will target the.CN domain name registration services. Reported that it is because the domain name of the.CN proxy agents do not need real information, which led to the loss of regulation, a large number of pornographic sites flooding.

in this regard, the industry has the view that, in fact, the domain name is only a porn site to show a link, and its survival home is not unrelated to IDC.

IDC usually consists of basic telecommunications sector using existing Internet communication line bandwidth resources, telecommunications professional class room environment standard, for the enterprise, the government server hosting, leased and related value-added aspects of the full range of services. Simply understood as IDC is the enterprise, merchant or site server group hosting place.

As of November 29th 18

from China Mobile has 626 mobile phone blocking pornographic websites, web servers in foreign countries have 478, accounting for 76% of the total, the server in the country has 148, there are 6 web server hosting in Shanghai China Mobile’s data center, the other 142 servers in other domestic facilities the network access services within the enterprise.

market, the main point of view, the fundamental measure of blocking porn sites in the IDC room is completely disconnected from the server connection, completely cut off from the physical.

three operators emergency operations

in fact, telecom operators have begun to take measures in this regard, to clean up pornographic sites.

"China Times" reporter saw from the China China Unicom official website December 4th news release said, has begun to carry out large-scale pornographic and vulgar information IDC inspection and rectification operations in the country, to inspect the hosting server in all IDC room, found the problem jurisprudence immediately taken off the site, access and other measures to stop.

China Unicom also requires that all units in its IDC hosting server, access to China Unicom IDC subordinate access service providers must sign the information security undertaking. In the event that a lower level access service provider or ICP client is not in conformity with the provisions of the contract or the undertaking, the


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