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The first Chinese network for full funding to return alive in desperation

              21 days ago, Chinese Baoen network home to hang out a letter declaring website will be at the end of June closed. Yesterday, China Baoen login network, as usual, because the full funding of the Shijiazhuang Computer Vocational College, it is "born again".

this is called the first China gratitude network site, the closure of the news, micro-blog, blog, Internet users There were many discussions.

website has liabilities of about one hundred thousand

, the 5 year old child, and her husband Xu Lina devoted not too much effort, but like most NGOs, because "hematopoiesis" inadequate, difficult to maintain operation.

operation for 5 years, this will in the mutual platform, has organized more than 60 times the size of public welfare activities, to raise money for public welfare donations of more than 60 yuan. To help hundreds of orphans, to contact the hospital to help reduce the cost of the lives of 12 patients with congenital heart disease. But at the same time, the site has liabilities of about one hundred thousand yuan.

more than and 100 people give encouragement to

has learned that the website will be closed after the news, even the day to more than and 100 people had received the help of friends by telephone, SMS, and other forms of net posts on the site, Xu Lina to encourage do website. The "blue sea" said: "good! Two young people after 80’s courage and love, impressive."

if off the "gratitude I did not pain, no gratitude networks do not have me." Sichuan Nanchong Yang Linjie known as the "anti heart", because the heart is long, accompanied by congenital heart disease, China Baoen network inter provincial rescue his life, so he is full of gratitude and gratitude network.

get full funding

yesterday, Shijiazhuang Computer Vocational College teaching director Tian Qiucheng said, in mid June, the school has a teacher to see the media reports, in the discussions about network Chinese gratitude. The China gratitude network and non school, is not strange. Originally, the section has not been to this school, Thanksgiving Education for college students. It is because of some non marital concept and school education goals, the school also saw two young people to do public pure heart, decided to support the development of the network.

this, paragraph not to say, blindly accept blood transfusion is not a benign operation of the site model. They also need to find a better way to allow the site has been accompanied by them, slowly growing.


let everyone trust, has teeth against

Xu Lina from rural areas of Shaanxi, in the help and support of the community of good people, only to be admitted to the university. Duan also has a similar experience. Two people come together to build a platform for them to repay their parents, as well as the kindness of well wishers. Yesterday, some non about their website stand.

Because the



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