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Man convicted of aggravated burglary has his sentence reduced by one year

first_img Share 32 Views   one comment Tweet Sharing is caring! LocalNews Man convicted of aggravated burglary has his sentence reduced by one year by: – November 9, 2011center_img Share Share Court gavel. Image via: kirtok.comRichardson Seaman who pleaded guilty to aggravated burglary had his sentence reduced by one year when he appeared before the Court of Appeal of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court’s sitting in Dominica on Tuesday. On the 7th of January, 2007 Richardson Seaman who was thirty-six years old at the time of the incident along with Larry Henderson Harney thirty-one (31) years old and Shane Graham eighteen (18) years old, entered the home of Mr and Mrs Laurier; owners of a supermarket in Portsmouth, and robbed them of $21, 000.00 with a 12 gauge shot gun.According to the facts; Seaman was the mastermind in the perpetration of the offense as in his statement to the police he said that; “I was the one with the gun, I told them [Mr & Mrs Laurier] to lie down and I asked them [the other accuseds] to cover them”. The accused all pleaded guilty to the offence however Richardson Seaman received a seven year sentence on the 12th of November, 2008 an offence which carries the maximum penalty of fourteen (14) years imprisonment, while his companions received five year sentences each.Seaman, through his attorney David Bruney appealed against the sentence claiming that the punishment is excessive.Mr Bruney in making a plea for his client told the appeals justices that his client is a rehabilitated person and he does not think that this incident will repeat itself as it was like a lightning bolt in Seaman’s life. He further pleaded by stating that “everybody deserves a second chance”, that his client received a stiffer punishment than his companions who received five year prison terms, that he has a wife and is the father of two children who are presently in school.Richardson Seaman also apologized to the Complainants, his “loving family” and the Court for his actions and stated that he is one of the cooks for the entire population at the State Prison – a role which he says is a trusted one.He further stated; “I believe that I am fully rehabilitated, I am respectfully asking for some mercy”.However, according to the Director of Public Prosecutions Gene Pestaina, “the Appellant could fairly have received a sentence of ten (10) years imprisonment” as it does not appear that the trial judge considered all the aggravating circumstances. The aggravating circumstances Mr Pestaina explained are that Richardson “had owned and had driven a vehicle to effect the crime; that he influenced an eighteen (18) year old, namely Shane Graham, to commit a crime of this nature; that he was masked; that the offence was committed during the night, after a hard day’s work by the Complainants; that he had ordered the co-accuseds to tie up the Complainants, which they actually did; that the Appellant had assaulted Mrs Laurier by knocking her head to the floor; that the Police had recovered one 12 gauge shot gun at the home of the Appellant; that the Appellant had caused malicious damage to the door of the Complainants’ home; and that the Complainants were traumatized by the Appellant”.Mr Pestaina further noted that Seaman was not charged for the possession of the 12 gauge shot gun; an offence which carries a fine of $6000.00 and a two (2) year prison term.Justice Hugh Rawlins before rendering the decision noted the Court’s concern with the nature of the crime committed, the use of a gun, use of masks and concerned that there was a younger person under Seaman’s direction.Justice Rawlins further explained to Seaman that he was obviously the ring leader hence the reason why the other two accuseds received five (5) years imprisonment while he received seven (7) years and that the Court is interested in persons involvement in creating enterprises and not those which violate the rule of law.Justice Rawlins noted, “there is some hope and promise for you and to offer some encouragement” therefore his sentence was reduced by one year, as he said “we can only offer you one year, your sentence must be more than the others”.Richardson Seaman has already served three years and four months out of his prison sentence, and will now leave one year earlier in 2013 instead of 2014.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img


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