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June 23rd – host network held in the domain Week activities in June 27th

activity time: June 23rd to

activity Objective: to be a part of the webmaster and domain name registered person is limited to domain name awareness of their own, it is because of the limitations of knowledge, to many webmaster and webmaster, and the holder of the domain name and domain name owners between agents to produce a lot of disputes. Admin5 is also engaged in the relevant aspects of the transaction encountered due to the seriousness of the domain name and many adverse factors. In order to allow the majority of owners to pay attention to their own domain name, to protect their domain name, especially to carry out the activities of the domain name week, thereby popularizing domain knowledge.


1 domain knowledge makeup, to help you understand the meaning of the domain name, domain name, domain name, domain name value of state protection, trademark registration, domain name suffix and its business and personal business value, domain name, domain name, domain name query delete lock time, domain name registration is valid, and so on the related knowledge and the dynamic domain name calling domain name, domain name, DNS analytical framework double use principle, the security of the domain name, the domain name PR recognition. Let everyone know that the domain name registration using a domain name, because all are related to the webmaster, many websites because the domain name is not registered, despite efforts to business site but finally had to replace the domain name.

The potential risks of

2 domain names and the identification of bad domain names. Including domain name transfer, domain name transfer knowledge and the difference between the Registrar, agents.

3 check your domain name. Pay attention to their domain name information, to see if the domain name is not belong to you, the current state of the domain name and the domain name of the mail and agents of the credibility of the domain name transfer, transfer between the fees charged.

The relationship between

4 domain name and search. What kind of domain name is easily accepted by the search engine. Whether their domain name has been K and the relationship between the domain name and the existence of the internet.

note: during the event we will cooperate with the launch of a lot of knowledge related to the domain name activities, to enrich the activities of the domain name week and active participation of the majority of the webmaster atmosphere. The domain name is also set up a prize to participate in the link, welcome everyone’s attention.

theme: http://s.admin5.com/article/20080623/90305.shtml

webmaster network domain week campaign has just launched the Internet will get the attention of the two portals, Sina Technology and Sohu IT were reported on the event news.

Sina Technology: http://s.tech.sina.com.cn/i/2008-06-24/16122280271.shtml

Sohu IT:http://s.it.sohu.com/20080624/n257705998.shtml

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