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Low threshold caused by chaos proof difficult consumer rights group purchase

on when to spend money to buy a lesson! "The first group purchase experience of being cheated, was still indignant:" although the money or not to come back, but I hope the relevant departments to a pipe, pulling out all these crooks! "

the second half of last year, the fruit sees a razor in group 160 group purchase website information, expect her boyfriend are short of a razor, and the group purchase price is cheaper than the market price, was soon under the single payment. Over the past few days, the shaver has not shipped.

was thinking to ask the customer service, check the Internet to find this website, no customer service." If realized may encounter a liar. Then, although she suffered the same fruit and friends built a 160 group purchase group report deceived complaining about each other, but, until now, have not received the fruit she spent 100 yuan a razor.

in fact, since the establishment of the group buying site, a similar dispute has been continued. According to the independent third party group purchase navigation site 800 days before the release of the "2011 year Chinese group purchase industry statistics report" shows that the year 2011, group purchase a total of 11483 users to publish posts in the complaint group 800 group purchase complaints area, equivalent to 10 times the 2010 annual volume of complaints. Gaopeng, Wo Wo Group, tick group, glutinous rice, handle network, public comment, Juhuasuan, 58, group purchase group, catch 24 coupons and other well-known group purchase sites are hot consumer complaints, and network fraud, refund return, customer service service, goods not board has been the main complaints.

The most exhausting is

so that consumers, once a dispute, always into nowhere rights situation.

refund dispute unconditional condition!

"without eating, group purchase tickets to brush!" on March 13th, laowpmm users complained that after a group purchase of glutinous rice nets spicy yet addictive restaurant coupons, March 8th go to the restaurant consumption but because businesses can be sure, not use has been used in group purchase coupons after display case.

"I was to call the glutinous rice and glutinous rice network, said after business negotiation can send the two-dimensional code in the scraper, I have not received a two-dimensional code message, re ordering at their own expense situation, but in the glutinous rice nets told second days I group purchase coupons in more than 5 in the morning is used, so can not refund." Netizen laowpmm repeatedly Innocence: without eating, no money, eat their own money a little cheaper, even let myself go to business there to find a useless ticket evidence, as well as justice

? "

laowpmm said that the results of the negotiations is not promising, announced that it is more people want to know, to avoid others fooled again.

according to the 2011 China buy user complaints statistics report, in 2011 to buy in the face of the difficulty of up to 20% of the refund, ranking the complaints of the problem of the third. The report notes that, although many buy site >


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