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n the past youth commune Fanfou and modern sky, POGO and happy child


May 2009, an ordinary morning, Beijing Sihui subway station, a Indoorsman found next to a young boy was looking at his comic book, subconscious moved over, but the boys still make up: "Hey, in a…… You’re looking at Kotani Mi’s comic book? "

"yeah." Indoorsman and shifted his position.

"Oh, look, Kotani Mi must be a veteran comic house. Who else do you see?"

Indoorsman looked uncomfortable to see that young man replied peevishly: "Oh," Saint Seiya "" seven ball "what……"

train station, passengers swarmed the seat, Indoorsman found the boy was crowded to her, did not give up and asked: "hey…… Do you look at China? "

"do not look, I have been exposed to the basic state of diffuse garbage."

"so ah……" Young people slightly disappointed.

"well…… Nor is it all." Indoorsman looked up thoughtfully, "I saw a grass in the works pretty well," my name is Dick no "."

"Oh?" the young ruffian laughed, "is the title that is called" the comic looks beautiful sun also rises "


"Yeah, right, that’s the name."

"thank you." A young man leaned slightly, "that is my painting."

the young cartoonist named Gong Ding, lake person CMJ, his glorious experience, this is something; comic Indoorsman named Li Zhiming, he was about to experience a long journey to Zhongguancun in Beijing, a company called "Fanfou" company.

the two men met, was a later called "Big Commune" from the media radio station is on the origin of several young artists along different trajectories, finally the Internet audio platform of a meeting.

where is the dream


dream is not in front of


, the band’s song "collapsar" highway

"is this dude crazy?"

2002, entering the entertainment business Li Zhiming interview a company called "pioneering company modern sky music". Refit in Haidian District a basement office, he called Shen Lihui on the entrepreneur said: "the Label style of your company like 4AD, I love!" the low-key tough little man replied: "I don’t want to do 4AD, I want to do Chinese Virgin!" (Note: 4AD tiger sniffing is a British independent record label, Virgin British Virgin Records). "I thought at the time," he said." Li Zhiming later recalled to the tiger sniffing, but he did not expect himself


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