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Talk about the traditional camel brand and Amoy brand.


double ended, but focuses on the discussion of eleven double continues, last week wrote a "Double Tenth a camel lead the 380 million market behind what things to do" very good response, a person in charge of several traditional brand to the traditional brand of electricity supplier is still consulting organic? The answer is obvious now. Is the mature period of the traditional brand to enter the electricity supplier. It’s too late to enter.

two years ago and the traditional brand and brand Amoy (electricity supplier) who can develop better in the electricity market debate, and conclusions from Tmall this year eleven sales results have been very clear, the electricity supplier market more mature and more beneficial to the traditional brand, while the traditional brand with the Amoy brand called line will gradually eliminate.

traditional brands electricity supplier industry changes occur

this year eleven, completely broke the traditional brand, the top three most category appeared in the traditional brands, some or all of the top three category is the traditional brand to occupy, only 5 other Amoy brand double eleven broken billion club of 17 members, accounting for last year fell sharply this year can be said to be the brand is the traditional electricity supplier in the market for a year, and this year is the eleven double their rise stage.

now Tmall has been the traditional brand hold landscape, and initially formed a camel headed, Carolina, JACK&JONES a situation of tripartite confrontation pattern. For three consecutive years, the camel has dominated Tmall’s dual apparel category, the status of the increasingly stable, and other traditional brands in order to shake the camel on Tmall at least now requires a period of two to three years. This is not to say that the camel’s sales performance has very bright, but the camel over the past four years, attaches great importance to the electricity supplier market and make full preparations, including product design, warehouse construction, talent reserve, singles day, golf is the long-term strength, the camel 3 consecutive is not accidental. See the "camel 380 million lead a double market behind what things to do".

need to add that, in the traditional retail market, camels and JACK&JONES each flower, but in the electricity supplier market, a single brand point of view, the camel has surpassed JACK&JONES. JACK&JONES is the group’s bestseller bestseller group brand, in addition to SELECTED, ONLY, VERO MODA, three well-known high-end fashion brand, the industry has no bestseller, not the mall ". Camel dress choose to do brand expansion in the field of electronic business, is intended to borrow the good momentum of development to achieve multi brand business strategy category, in addition to its own business now camel men’s shoes, shoes and other outdoor category, has just recently bought the Amoy brand officially entered in the bug meter women’s market. The traditional brand expansion of a category or to create a new brand of cost is very high, and category expansion in the electricity supplier market play other traditional brand worthy of reference, today’s electricity supplier market still has plenty of market bonus waiting for the traditional brand.

camel ten limelight

a deep business

from the camel development in the electricity supplier market, the acquisition of women’s bug Yonago is not impulsive, but planned.


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