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Viral marketing 40 days infected with 40 million people

virus marketing: 40 days infected with 40 million people

recently appeared on the Internet an event, 40 days on the draw of the 40 million people (41169237) involved in. On average, there are more than 120 thousand people per second.

the rate of expansion is "be struck dumb. In nature, it seems that only the infection of the virus can match it. If it is a virus, then within 40 days, it has infected two in Beijing City, so many people see, will Starving people fill the land. barren. If it is a way of marketing for business, will let business people dream of love. After all, who do not want to let their marketing communications have rapidly and influence such as virus like


virus marketing is similar to the rapid spread of the virus, such as low-cost, efficient marketing model. The basic idea of viral marketing. Viral marketing is a kind of network marketing methods, namely by providing valuable information and services, to achieve the purpose of network marketing information transmission by using the spread between active users; viral marketing is also a kind of network marketing idea, the meaning behind it is how to make full use of external cyber source (especially free resources) to expand the network marketing channels of information transmission. For example, great power like viral marketing a small stones into the calm lake, the moment seems to have provoked little ripples in the lake is calm again, but wait a moment, you will see the ripples in the ongoing layers of extension, just a few minutes, the whole lake was shock. This is the charm of viral marketing.

a well thought out viral marketing strategy will extend the tiny ripple out of the window at an unimaginable speed and thus play an unexpected role. 40 days to draw the marketing case of the 40 million

back to the most began to put forward the topic, in the end is what led so many people involved? How is it spread? Support which is sponsored by Coca-Cola technology Tencent online torch relay activities. Throughout this vigorous activity, we have to deeply admire the charm of viral marketing.

case playback:

2008. March 24th, Coca Cola Co launched the torch online delivery. The activities of the classic viral marketing case: if you make it to the online torch relay qualification, will receive the "torch ambassador" title, head office will appear a not light icon, then you can send an invitation to your friends. If you can successfully invite other users to participate in the event within 10 minutes, your icon will be successfully lit, and will get the right to use the Coca-Cola QQ online torch relay activities. Torch online delivery of the QQ panel skin and this friend can continue to invite the next friend to carry the torch online. And so on。 Netizens online to become the torchbearer for glory, "viral"


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