Search engine knowledge

swept the world of the Internet is the world’s largest source of information base, but the information on the Internet is like the rapid expansion of nuclear fission, to the boundless in the vast ocean of information quickly and accurately get the information they need, such as no special search tools, anyone can only hope helplessly net. In this case, the network search engine came into being. So what is a search engine? How to choose a search engine? How to use search engines?

, what is the search engine

two, how to select the search engine
2, accurate accuracy we use the search engine’s purpose. A good search engine should contain a very accurate search procedures, search accuracy, the information can be found in line with our requirements.
3, easy to use and easy to use
is our choice of reference standard search engines, whether a search engine can search the Internet, but not limited to the web? After the search results come out, can we change the length of the description or change the number of the results page? Ability to implement these functions should be


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