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The advantages of network micro film in the network marketing

Micro movies on the

network are unique to the web (and, of course, mobile networks). And now increasingly mature micro film also began to find its commercial value. We now look at the marketing effect of micro film network in the end good or bad.

simply said that the network micro film marketing in the network has the following advantages:

first, the cost is low, the length of

may have friends that the length is not an advantage. But do not forget, it is necessary to stand on the Internet point of view, the length of the film, more conducive to the spread of the Internet, especially mobile internet. Because the current bandwidth, flow rates, cell phone capacity and other factors limit. Short film is more conducive to rapid spread.

in addition, the micro film is not rigidly fixed length. For example, the TV advertising requirements is 15 seconds, 30 seconds, a series of episodes of television for 40 minutes; the film for 2 hours and other restrictions on the micro film without restrictions.

two, the cost is low

can achieve zero cost launch, now in the major video sites put their own video shoot, as long as compliance with laws and regulations. Do not need to pay the cost, and now more and more attention to the case of copyright, the video site should not have more people to vote for good work. Of course, want to have a good effect, so that the video site open area, set up a column, recommend watching, etc., or to the cost, but this is much lower than on tv.

three, fast propagation speed

Because of the development of

Internet, micro TV online delivery may directly through sharing, forwarding, etc. various posts recommended fast propagation. The realization of sharing and forwarding only need a little finger can be achieved. At the same time, can also use other techniques, such as looking for water, hanging outside the chain, such as SEO, expand the scale and influence the.

four, product easy to install

if the micro film is a hard piece of advertising to do, it does not need to say that the product is implanted. If the micro film is a series or short film to shoot, then of course, implantation is also very convenient, because…… Money is my vote, as long as it does not affect the quality of the film, what products put what products!

then take a look at the actual example:

is an online mall and female female cosmetics production "woman behind" this micro film. That is the heroine in the above two companies (yes, the company name is the actual name of the two companies) struggle story. The boss is in the movie cameo role is their own, the boss of the company. The location is in the company. As a result, companies such as LOGO, posters, etc.. The protagonist is a supporting role in the sales of products, yes, the product is also the reality of the products are sold, the introduction of natural products. Micro film can do so!

as for the plot, of course, will not be good to go. But now the Internet Movie, as long as there are women selling sexy, will be able to attract male audience. Some >


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