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Baidu stop site search cooperation requirements push Baidu site navigation

reported in July 13th that the owners confirmed that most sites since July 1st after Baidu union station to promote cooperation is no longer divided, these web site contract to expire on June 30th, if you want to continue to participate in the site search promotion into it, must be for Baidu to promote another web site, which caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the web site.

March 2010, media reports, Baidu alliance to full stop web site is divided into mode, causing some owners worry, then Baidu to doubts, saying only the termination value part is not high flow site cooperation, informed owners have said, to July, Baidu will fully stop site cooperation, in addition, depth, ylmf 2345, Qihoo four strong navigation station, the news has been confirmed. But there is news that Baidu site navigation cooperation with Qihoo has been interrupted, at present, only 2345 ylmf depth and alliance with Baidu cooperation.

since July 1st, all cooperative alliance with Baidu web site (the other three are no longer excluded) revenue sharing, many sites can only see the search volume, the number of clicks, but no longer see the income data. These web site webmaster was told, if you want to continue to get income from the Baidu alliance, you must choose another mode of cooperation, the site is about to jump to another Baidu’s site navigation station (non hao123).

Baidu alliance halted web site cooperation, Sogou alliance and other giants dispatched, main business is pegged to the original Baidu web site with cooperation promotion into the search box, but it is understood that the amount involved in this sharing is not high, compared with several other large web site in the acquisition of small web site traffic, every 1000IP jump directly into in more than 20 yuan, while the site navigation cooperation for software vendors is low, each divided into 1000IP in 18 or so, if firms are forced by bundling, lower income. For some of the site through the plugin bundle to get traffic site navigation station for the situation is more difficult, once the plug in the URL URL will be bound to be 360 security guards to remind the insecure web.

Baidu for their own development and consider terminating the web site navigation station cooperation let some complain incessantly, according to cradle network operators in charge of Mr. Liao Wenliang at micro-blog revealed that the navigation station advertising costs are rising.

insiders said, unless other search giants are willing to spend big money to buy navigation station traffic or navigation station will also be the end of blossom everywhere situation.


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