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Baidu introduced a new algorithm to combat and rectify the link market

Baidu recently introduced

Scindapsus algorithm, began to crack down and rectify link sale market, the algorithm in the shield outside the chain of transactions at the same time, also refused to included part of the site, which caused great shock in the webmaster. Many sites in the search results in the rankings have declined, traffic plummeted, and some specialized platform to provide links to the transaction has also been affected, have closed the site or is no longer provide link transactions.

clean up the chain caused a chain reaction

algorithm in the removal of the chain of green computing, will further provide super chain link intermediary, site rectification, purification search environment." This paper announcement of Baidu, so many rely on the chain to improve website ranking search results of the webmaster unexpected, but the website traffic and ranking is down trinidad.

a few sites outside the chain is shielded 2/3, basically no traffic from Baidu." Chief MadKing told reporters that the new algorithm to completely eliminate the effect of the chain of search engines, but it also makes some keywords website content disappears from the search results page, ranked in the 100 away, has not yet been restored. And there is a reflection of the webmaster, because the reasons for the addition of the web page, and was removed from the search results of Baidu, which is commonly known as the K station, resulting in search results disappear overnight.

in the webmaster to complain incessantly at the same time, many provide the link trading platform has also been implicated, have shut down or suspend operations. Reporters learned that the industry’s more well-known platform, the owner of the house closed its link transaction column, no longer accept the release of link transactions. But a slightly Ali platform who told reporters that Baidu algorithm adjustment leads directly to its website by K, and they are gradually stopped the link trading business, to the transaction, the template trading platform transition.

A lot of business

trading links is a small site in order to improve traffic and weight, pay on other sites linked to their web site link. Rely on the purchase of a large number of high traffic, well-known Web site links to improve the site’s ranking in the search results, this approach has become the first step to optimize the site rankings, much favored by many webmasters. But there is a lot of, there is no substantive content of the spam filled in the search results page, but also seriously affected the content and to update the original practitioners, it was also full of many in the industry criticized.

"in Baidu search results in online shopping, home once filled with Taobao like advertising such garbage site, which requires only a month to spend several hundred dollars to buy the chain can do." Borner SEO marketing director Chen Chao said, because the keywords in the chain flow into the role of very large, link trading has become a universal behavior in the industry. But this low cost to bring high traffic shortcuts, it is a serious interference in the natural ranking of search results, making the user experience affected.

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