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Time gateway is expected to reopen the second half of the month, said the rectification is not close

domestic well-known film website time network since October 14th suddenly closed, has been more than half a month. Time network was shut down caused widespread speculation fans. Yesterday, time network staff told reporters that the site is go through some relevant formalities, is expected to reopen.

recently, many film critics found that the well-known film critic website time network can not be opened, the reasons vary. The opening of the 6 year long time network is a professional movie website, known for its critics detailed information and professional film, enjoy a high reputation in the film fancier in. Since 2006, when the network has been a multi round round of investment institutions such as broadband capital.

netizens speculated that the time network published a lot of criticism of the domestic film articles, causing damage to domestic films, may be the reason for the site was closed. The good news is that the network is not rectification, time off ", and" before the wave of consolidation, mainly delete some video data". In addition, there is news that the time network dissemination of pornographic, obscene content, and therefore be resolved to stop the domain name, the site has to be restored must be approved by the Ministry of telecommunications authority.

more than a few days ago, the time network has responded by saying it would make every effort to micro-blog, has been working hard in the end, until the site fully restored. Many users expressed regret and regret. Reporters yesterday linked to the time network staff, he did not respond positively to jurisprudence, but said: "Kim Ki-duk (editor’s note: South Korean director) film is in yellow?" the staff said that the relevant departments of the time network may be misunderstanding, at present time is to go through a series of procedures, these procedures nearing the end, the network is expected to reopen time.

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