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2012 nternet Conference opened in Beijing SYPC wonderful photo exposure

Tencent technology news September 11th, 2012 (eleventh) China Internet Conference held today in Beijing International Conference center. The Tencent board chairman and CEO Ma Huateng, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma Yun, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li, chairman of millet Lei Jun, Kingsoft CEO Zhang Hongjiang more than 100 guests will gather to discuss the meeting, industry status quo, pointing out future trends.


the general assembly to open · integrity · fusion — for a new mobile Internet era as the theme for the first time, three days will be extended for four days, and the addition of the "Hall of fame", "network security and network integrity forum" and "Internet technology forum" and other new forum.

organizing committee revealed that Internet TV companies, traditional industry advertisers, 4A and cloud computing technology applications will also be the first to participate in the enterprise, to further enhance the integration and openness.

Tencent network as the General Assembly this year, the official strategic cooperation portal and the official designated News Center, will be broadcast live video and live video. Tencent micro-blog will be in the field on the big screen wall, real-time access to the field inside and outside, the online and offline space constraints, to create a large interactive platform.

this year’s meeting of the General Assembly on behalf of the ad hoc Tencent micro-blog questions, users in the Tencent to ask questions to the chiefs of micro-blog, will have the opportunity to bring to the scene by the Tencent, to ask questions to the guests.

below is the highlight of this conference:

One point:

industry influential man gather

China Internet Conference to attend the guests has always been the focus of the industrial structure, but also users talk about the topic. So far, there including more 100 Chinese Internet entrepreneur Tencent chairman and CEO Ma Huateng, Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li, Sina president and CEO Cao Guowei, CEO Ding Lei, NetEase chairman Lei Jun millet technology, Kingsoft CEO Zhang Hongjiang, Amazon CEO Wang Hanhua, confirmed the presence of


Microsoft, Samsung, AMD, apple, impression notes, Qualcomm, CISCO and other companies will also be wonderful to share.

now, you can ask questions to CEO # by Tencent micro-blog # topic, to pay attention to you in advance of the guests to ask questions, please ask questions in micro-blog in the object state, so that you will Tencent.com problems brought to the scene.

aspect two: the opening ceremony of the leadership dialogue classic reproduction

September 11th Conference on the first day, the opening ceremony of the brand column Internet leaders dialogue will be staged again. After the organizer to operation, China Internet entrepreneur Ma Huateng Robin Li, leader of class, Cao Guowei and Ding Lei will be gathered to debate the future trend of the industrial structure, then, staged a wonderful confrontation of ideas.

in addition, the opening ceremony of the general assembly


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