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Millet has been dissolved into the film and film department only a year

January 18th, according to media reports millet has Xuanfa Department dissolution pictures. In this paper, according to insiders, the reason millet pictures department is being compressed, millet to the business center on the mobile phone, not going to do a real film company, the film will not have their own, there is no Xuanfa demand."

millet pictures of the earliest "debut" a micro-blog in January 4, 2016 late Liwan jiang. At that time he Bo said "closed end, I return! I am responsible for two things: the future of millet and millet film market. Film is a new subsidiary, is currently in the preparatory phase of the formation of the team."

May 2015, millet and PPTV cohesion reached a strategic cooperation, covering the terminal platform products. It is reported that after the two sides reached a cooperation, millet TV over 70000 hours of high-definition TV content, almost the original content of millet TV when the length of 30%.

June 2016 millet pictures officially registered, Tang Mu as millet pictures president.

but in the year after the announcement of the establishment of millet, and there is no film production and investment, etc.. Millet pictures official micro-blog after registration will only send two messages: announced stationed in micro-blog, the first movie publicity implant.

Li Wanqiang said this, the main investment and millet pictures implants, not involving production, this change belongs to the interior modulation, 2017 will continue to get involved in the field of film investment.

"for the first time talk about millet pictures: I was in charge of millet and millet pictures market at present, is the 10 person to film department, is the core function of power millet brand, the main investment and implantation, not involving the production, the past six months, we have the cooperation of the more than and 10 film, released this year. The original and made adjustments in group of pictures, the work will be handed over to the company’s market system, so the linkage efficiency is higher, and the US, is their own internal scheduling millet and new media resources, help the cooperation film in nearly 200 million millet user group amplification. 2017, we say "one side of science and technology, art, millet in addition to technological innovation, the brand will continue to carry out more cooperation in the field of fashion and art, good film investment, welcome to contact us."


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