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A French Cup that takes place on four continents

first_imgThe Saint-Pierroise, team they played on Papin, Djibril Cissé or Payet, has traveled more than 9,000 kilometers to face today to Niort in the thirty-second Cup Cups. In fact, in their ranks is an old acquaintance of Atlético de Madrid as it is Sinama-Pongolle.In 2019 he signed for the city club in which was born in Reunion Islands and is the emblem of an entity that seeks to be the 2nd Overseas team to reach 1/16 of the tournament, after Galder Kourou, who in 1989 lost scandalously against Nantes 0-11.The curiosities of the tournamentThe Linas of the sixth division will play against PSG tomorrow with a coach who is a subscriber of the Parisian team and who was at the Bernabéu in Real Madrid-PSG.No overseas equipment He has never exceeded the 16th of the French Cup. The only one who arrived was the Galder Kourou in 1989 and lost 0-11 to Nantes.The club with the most cups in France conquered is the PSG (12), followed by Olympique de Marseille (10). The big two.Didier Deschamps He will go to Bayonne-Nantes today, as the French coach went through the quarry of both clubs. Therefore, it is a special match for him.In 1992 the tournament was not played after “the drama of Furiani”. It was a sinking of the stands during the Bastia-Marseille match, causing 23,000 wounded.The Spanish Ladislas Lozano In 2000, he led the fourth division Calais to the final of the French Cup. A success. Can you imagine a club tournament that is disputed in four continents? Well it exists. The French Cup, one of the most special of European football, is characterized by including the best teams of the overseas territories, to the point of forcing French clubs to perform endless trips of more than 12,000 kilometers, What are they paid by the Federation In its whole.Overseas territories are considered officially french soil. In fact, if you attend to the political map of France, you may find that it includes various departments that are considered dependents of the French administration. Specifically, they are the following: New Caledonia and French Polynesia (Oceania), the Reunion and Mayotte Islands (Africa), and French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Martin, Saint Bartholomew, Saint Peter and Miquelon (America). All of them, more the French of EuropeOf course, they gather their best teams every year to play the Cup.Everybody contributed two teams (except Mayota, New Caledonia and Tahiti, with one), although it has only survived the first rounds the Saint-Pierroise of the Reunion Islands, which has been among the 64 best teams in French football this season in the French cupper tournament.last_img


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