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Micro-blog marketing can not assume the responsibility of corporate marketing

domestic websites with such a slogan: "this year is not a ‘collar’, really feel shy to say hello!" with the Internet micro-blog is recognized and used more and more, based on the circle of acquaintances to build up information dissemination platform, also gradually began to have more and more enterprises use it for their own marketing services, of course, there are some enterprises and e-commerce shop figure.

companies and shop to test the water micro-blog marketing

"micro-blog marketing" this new network marketing means to promote the brand is not just a patent. Learned that many of the traditional enterprise plans to publish all kinds of product information in its enterprise micro-blog, and interact with consumers, to grasp the market. Micro-blog micro-blog business marketing and general private interface is not much difference. In addition to the relevant activities of the enterprise, the brand business information, more is to stand on the individual point of view of some of the social hot spots, upload photos.

enterprises should be released in addition to brand dynamics, the same should be actively involved in the discussion of hot topics outside the brand, in order to achieve real interaction with consumers. Small soldiers think, this approach helps to narrow the psychological distance between the enterprise brand and consumers, increase the affinity of the enterprise, shop merchants, play a soft brand promotion. Micro-blog also has the most important significance is to help enterprises to carry out brand image monitoring. Through micro-blog’s attention to the topic of this function, can directly access to the brand aspirations of consumers, the feelings of the product as well as the latest market information, etc..

micro-blog marketing also need to explore

, however, for a long time, the network marketing has been a bottleneck, that is the participation degree is low, the reason is that the network behavior of users to participate in activities need to change, but in general more complex. As for micro-blog marketing, micro-blog’s small stay soldiers that have attracted much attention, because of digging out the core needs of users: micro-blog express information more convenient, Internet, mobile phone, 24 hours; 140 words concise and comprehensive restrictions, in line with the modern ‘fast-food’ reading habits. The title of the content allows people to quickly browse information, time and access to a higher proportion of information. "Micro-blog is equivalent to every ‘fans’ subscribe to each of the author’s things. As long as the added concern, each and every day to write something automatically appear on your page, just open their own "plots" will be able to see the interest. Every micro-blog writer is a ‘media’."

in fact, the major portals in the registration of micro-blog’s corporate users have been quite spectacular, micro-blog marketing practices have been playing more and more skilled companies.

although more and more companies see the micro-blog marketing potential, but for small soldiers that micro-blog can’t bear the responsibility of enterprise marketing, "the idea of a micro-blog from the academic point of view is a newly coined term. It is a new form of communication, but it is not for marketing


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