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A brief talk on some promotion methods of new website

railway station is built, it is Baidu, Google and other search engine included after the next step is how to develop the website. So we should do from what, I will talk about the experience, that’s not good, everybody.

first of all: to determine where our service customers are?

this is very simple, is what kind of website, to the corresponding type of jar or website publicity, such as my site is [b] movie station [/b], then I will go to movies like [/b] [b] special forum to express my post. And the half way to! You can write articles to add their own links, if a web site forum for words on this link, we can use character signature, each forum have individuality signature.

secondly: how to attract the audience?

1, write your own links. You can through the forum website to post or propaganda, for the promotion of forum to promote the best user name registered as the name of the site itself. If the forum does not allow us to add a little, we can write [url]www.xxx.com or xxx.com[/url] in short to be related to the domain name of our website. This is more beneficial for users to find our website directly. I do it, a little effect, you might as well try

2, the use of personalized signature.

forum site will have individual signature, this may often be overlooked, don’t forget every time you send a post your signature will be displayed at the bottom, this is a needless to say the propaganda method. You can reply content is relatively simple, but our focus is to let users see a personalized signature in the contents of both the URL and words. Where to add personalized signature, mostly in the control panel or set to fill in, here is not much to say. Tips: try to

3, by exchanging links to attract viewers!

you can exchange links through the way to attract the audience, the audience in the other people’s Web site, if we see the link to the site that is not a small number of traffic. I have a few friends every day, the chain of friends come in IP there are hundreds of. For new Adsense this is a considerable number.

third: how to keep the audience?

1, the appearance of the site.

as the saying goes, people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold. So we have to give the audience the first impression is very important, which involves the design of our website up. So in the absence of the site must be designed before the appearance of good, if you are a talent network must pay attention to eye-catching, if it is to make friends to note a warm and romantic, if it is the enterprise network that must be formal. My online movie station, is to give the viewer a casual feeling. So I designed a fresh and stylish feeling.

2, website quality.

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