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Website promotion planning e-mail marketing advantage

Internet era, Internet users have at least one e-mail, so online marketing is a kind of network marketing is very popular in the international use of e-mail, it has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, wide range, high speed, attention, and contact the Internet are also very active thinking people the average quality is very high, and has a strong purchasing power and commercial awareness. An increasing number of surveys also show that e-mail marketing is the most common and most practical method of network marketing.

, for example, just past the 2008 U.S. presidential election, the birth of the first president of the Internet in the history of the United states.

according to reports of foreign coal, Obama in the presidential election, the use of e-mail advertising, Banner advertising, search engine advertising, online games and other forms of advertising.

Obama participate in the U.S. presidential election network marketing expenditure distribution.


we can see that email camp sales are no doubt the preferred.

mail should sell advantage: cheap, the effect is remarkable, release efficient, wide coverage, high attention.

part of the advertising media average response rate comparison

0.5-1% traditional newspapers and other media


1-2% general letter (direct mail)


0.5-1% banner ads (banner ads)


10-15% email (Email)


high attention: any traditional media do not have 100% reading rate, and an email must know its contents after open the e-mail advertising to be read is the opportunity to other media There is nothing comparable to this.

audience good: survey shows that the current network is basically a high level of culture of young people, their average quality is very high, active thinking, but also has a strong purchasing power.

price advantage:


high efficiency: do not need other formalities, no other media costs and complicated production and transmission process, such as television, newspaper layout, letter paper and printing, only the most basic condition of the Internet and the most basic knowledge of the network, and your customers are facing the world.

fast: when you can then send the production, the other party will be able to receive. Send the fastest 100 thousand e-mail only about 6-7 hours.


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