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Poor webmaster series imitation station and creative station promotion process in favor of the disad

entered the industry in more than 1 years, feeling most of the grassroots webmaster daily work is similar, the website can rise head and shoulders above others. Mainly depends on 2 points. The first point: site positioning is clear and accurate. Whether it can bring benefits to visitors. The second point: whether the webmaster has a persistent heart. If you have these two points, then the imitation station and creative station which is more likely to succeed. Below I will take their own true feelings, to talk with you about these two types of websites to promote the advantages of fraud.

first of all, let me talk about the imitation station. Grassroots webmaster promotion website, no money two no manpower. Have to rely on their own. How to effectively reduce their daily workload is very helpful to increase the self-confidence to do stand. The advantages of imitation station is that the daily pseudo original easy to edit, because a lot of similar sites. What you need is everywhere on the content network, a little pseudo original daily work will be easy to get. 2 imitation stations have a mature profit model. As long as the website content and website weight accumulated to a certain extent. Direct income, no need to explore the way forward. But the disadvantages of imitation station is also a big challenge to the grassroots webmaster, hundreds of competitors. Even if you are the original hair every day. Search engine included more than N, the article in the long tail keywords is also difficult to row to the home page, bring you traffic. For example, a second-hand website, whether or not he original. The key words in the content is mostly some common words, only a few industry boss occupies a position, you don’t know to row to the first page. Not to mention other small competitors.

said the advantages and disadvantages of imitation station promotion process. We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the promotion process in the creative site. The disadvantage of the creative site is the scarcity of content, have to do a good job every day to prepare the original brain racking. However, this disadvantage is precisely the advantages of creative sites, as long as you are the content of your website keywords. There will be no competition. Search engine included you 100 stick to bring you the flow should be more than imitation station included 1000 bring more traffic, because as long as the visitor search related keywords. And your site has not been down the case, it is easy to occupy the first page. Plus you’re a creative station. For the first time. Visitors will come into view for curiosity. This I have experience, I now operate the peer confidential network www.51jimi.com occupy this advantage. Want to flow, the mind spent on the original. With the increase in the amount of collection, traffic is not a problem. But have to be careful to prevent the search engine down.

of course if your creativity is not only look impressive but lack real worth. It can bring benefits to the visitors, I believe that even if the search engine drop right. You can also live, if the original. You have to accumulate a certain customer. Even if only one wavelet, through word of mouth. Can help you get through it. Some users will say, which is so easy to think of creative sites. There are also big site to dig out the light.



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