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Micro marketing eighteen play, you can play a few

In 2015

mobile Internet era has arrived, the 1 billion 100 million people are playing mobile phone or mobile phone, including 800 million WeChat users, WeChat has opened up a new platform for businesses, more and more businesses interested in WeChat marketing. The market will naturally demand about "WeChat marketing play" can be said to be a variety of cloud micro off for many industries recently launched a micro marketing eighteen play, quick to see if you can fix some



high energy interactive marketing program to improve product sales

cloud micro passenger depth mining enterprises and customers in common, interactive marketing as the main theme of the design of a number of micro industry solutions can enhance the overall sales of enterprise products.

micro topic: through micro topics, making a hot topic, ignite circle of friends.

micro appointment: set online booking function to help businesses improve sales.

micro research: in-depth understanding of consumer habits, can be easily obtained through micro research.


exclusive customized services, a comprehensive help micro marketing

micro scene: a full range of content integration, personalized design and exhibition, viral weapon detonated WeChat circle of friends.

micro business district: gathered tens of thousands of Commercial Pedestrian Street Pedestrian Street, eating and drinking live one-stop service.

micro businesses: enterprise name card exclusive style name card to sweep the two-dimensional code, comprehensive information vividly before us.

cloud micro passenger demand for businesses and different versions of the 3 versions of their choice. A comprehensive and effective solution to the difficulties encountered in the business of WeChat marketing road.

is like a big aunt. Once a month, no more than a week or so. Looking at his Flat Wallet, it is necessary to be exhausted youth it? What is it, give yourself a gorgeous stage, give yourself a chance to increase income, do a career.

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