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Reluctant to give up the child can not set the wolf to promote the chain to learn marketing

face search engine strike spam, send the chain and marketing becomes more and more difficult. But the hair of the chain and marketing have to continue – all the chain Commissioner and marketing staff must think about the problem is: in such a grim situation, how should I do?

is actually a solution, but it is not easy, not fresh, learning marketing is a good way.


network on a variety of learning marketing information dizzying, but we really learn to do marketing (picture)

learning marketing is not a new concept, and it has been proven by the successful experience of many successful people, but because of the implementation is not simple, very laborious. No more "(with the majority of the chain, quick effect, good effect, time-saving) requirements, so we generally do not pay attention to.

Learning marketing

I understand is: starting from the actual, constantly in-depth study, aiming at the common problems in marketing, find effective solutions, and to share with others through the network, to create a "high quality content and benefiting the people, and ultimately achieve self-interest" to promote their own brand building, the ultimate goal Objective: This is the hair of the chain and network promotion.

"to take, and the first", so learning content marketing methods targeted to meet the needs of the vast majority of people in combat, so this promotion has always been very affected by Internet service providers and readers, not only many visitors, can get a better user experience, in line with the search engine with content scarcity, many high weight website, clickthrough rate and comment on the increasing contents of "gain", is favored by a search engine.

must be pointed out that this method not only can achieve the construction of the chain, good marketing objective, more importantly, it can constantly improve Teaching benefits teachers as well as students., their level of business, and create their own brand.

in fact, all the well-known SEOER go are learning marketing this way, not only from the network to learn, but also through the network share for effective promotion, and constantly create industry awareness.

do not understand programming from ZAC to SEO advanced layman experts not only rely on is * * * early, more important is through continuous learning to improve themselves, sharing the Teaching benefits teachers as well as students. method. His translation of "SEO art" is obviously his learning SEO tutorial; and from the ZAC blog content, it is not difficult to find, he frequented Matt Cutts, Google and Bing webmaster blog blog, often to the learners appear in Baidu webmaster club.

When the

ZAC blog’s learning experience to benefit more people, reproduced countless, construction and promotion of the chain blog difficult problems will be smoothly done or easily solved. Make him think


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