A new model of profit

day before, as the carrier type classification information website, "the 58 city network CEO Yao Jinbo said that the first" know-all community ", mergers and acquisitions to open the LED community advertising market in hundreds of high-grade community, Beijing Wanliu Century City etc.. When the spring Focus Media to move closer to the Internet, the Internet started the "58 city network" to the community, and the community is defined as a classified advertising, most of the growth of the market.

according to the introduction, "58 city network" and "the community know-all" on the realization of the merger and integration in a month, making the community guide issue of each volume has reached more than 300 thousand. "As long as the community residents have the largest scale and the most accurate and most refined businesses and consumer information, do not care about the classification of information platform is the network is printed is LED or the other, they will be in the era of community share the maximum benefit." Lu Xianhong analysis, School of information technology, Tsinghua University. He believes that the arrival of the era of the community, life, time is limited, so that people’s attention to the classification of community information significantly increased. Therefore, "know-all community" and "58 city network" on the establishment of a wireless network and information feedback system based on customer consumption effectively collect information, in addition to consumer, also this kind of information to be analyzed, it is not difficult to see that a residential consumption level and the consumption characteristics, and these preparations for the the investment business, it is extremely useful.


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