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150 days out of the 100 cases of H5 marketing beware of seven errors


WeChat has or is redefining many things, H5 is one of them.

seems to be overnight, the major companies in the market, public relations and other departments responsible for the promotion and dissemination, have turned their attention to the H5. Although the term referred to by HTML5, in the majority of people sounds, is still very strange and difficult to understand.

today I want to talk about, this is the night after the explosion of red H5 lessons and thinking of the story behind.

story of the protagonist Chen Hong, personal webmaster origin, the current application of the future CEO. Do website, Taobao, SEOer, public relations network, passenger traffic promotion, and so on, always pondering how to find the Internet and mobile Internet to promote the spread of new gameplay in mind, and constantly in practice, circle of people called "the godfather".

from the beginning of April 2014, Chen Hong began to pay attention to H5, made the first H5 invitation in August, quickly attracted the attention of the Internet circles and marketing circles. By November of last year, he went to the consulting company H5 people in a continuous line, in December last year, at least they received more than 100 customers H5.

in the case of rapid expansion, Chen Hong summed up the experience and lessons in the past few months, but increasingly feel the uncertainty of the future. This is what he took 150 days to find out 100 marketing case of dry cargo.

Facebook Zuckerberg once said: "our biggest mistake is to bet too much on HTML5".

in 2014, we began to pay attention to the H5 in April, but no specific action, then felt that the H5 technology threshold is low, easy to copy, if the basic value of the tool platform to do nothing. When the market in the company didn’t say that they do H5, in fact we are more or less useful to the H5 technology to do their own things. Because this is still relatively weak at that time, said he would feel like a H5 joke. However, there have been some Internet Co product release page in H5 to do, such as millet, Baidu, Tencent and other companies.

at the end of July changed.

July 22nd, H5 game, surrounded by nervous cat on-line WeChat circle of friends, to July 25th, 3 days time will create a user of 5 million, over the amount of access to the myth of 100 million. Nervous cat animation expression, clothing, backpacks began to pop, and even the shop began selling around the cat raiders.

then H5 slowly closer to more people’s vision.

our company’s first H5 project was done in August, Jingwei venture capital Wang Lin found us and asked if we could do an invitation to spread in WeChat.

we were called "Los Angeles," not yet called future


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