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Post bar to promote practical skills with you detonated 10000 traffic

a reply to the popularity of posts to promote

1, looking for popular posts in the floor of the two floor, or directly into the link to promote the floor of the two floor. Although the survival rate of this method is relatively low, but it can be regarded as the most direct and effective method. Generally we are divided into three kinds:

1.1 figure in the link is a short URL, which is the address of the Baidu short URL generated.


1.2 in hot popular posts in the floor of the two floor or floor of the direct insertion of keywords to allow users to search for the needs of the. If you are doing products or other, you can use their own promotion words, the premise is Baidu search the word must have your promotion page in the first will have effect.


1.3 this is a key word I do with watercress, if there is no word of their own site in the first words, you can also use this approach.


two, in the home page using the software to plug the floor reply voice advertising promotion


believe that we should often see this language, which is said to add some QQ WeChat what ah!

you can look at Baidu (Post Bar voice capture floor software) reference, free of charge can not guarantee good, it is recommended to look at Taobao.

three, with registered ad account @ replies to promote


method can be said to be stable is not removed, but the premise is the account level and activity, this is my Post Bar experience, there is also constantly for ID, IP, or suspicious behavior will be judged advertising methods, delete! Leave the link does not stop in the change, but the method of case. Just leave a link after each success, only need to use another number @ drainage line, almost not be closed. – long!

method is relatively simple, it is necessary to register an account of the advertising language, with other accounts to @ your advertising account, you can play the role of drainage.


this is what I did before, in March 22nd, today is on July 5th, the point is that the account of the account of the home page, the key is the need to send a theme with a picture post.

four, using the Baidu home page advertising post replies inserted


method is more economical, it means to be automatic promotion ads posts inside the building in others.

Baidu home page traffic that we all know it! Webmaster Tools estimated flow is 83 million, in fact, far more than the number of Oh! We all know.



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