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Localization is the key to success of classified information network

close, has been concerned about the real estate information, but also inevitably to some local real estate network. Also to the beauty of the classified information network the real experience, this is Baidu and Google are unable to do so, because they are too numerous to search results is not accurate.


vertical search has been criticized, that there is no prospect, but based on a similar classification of information platform vertical search has a great role, but also Baidu and Google can not do. Not long ago, YAHOO announced a merger and word of mouth network, which is undoubtedly a good weapon to the word of mouth network – to help users find the exact life information they want.

"classification information network + search" this is a perfect match, but also have to do so. But the author is still worried about a problem: in the end how to compete with the local classification information network


from the recent ranking of Alexa, YAHOO word of mouth listed Chinese classified information network in the first place, but also a larger ranking than before. This also illustrates a problem, that is, the classification of information network is robbing the local information network jobs. However, there is another problem: accuracy and brand awareness.

after all, the classification of the local information network may have formed a brand effect in the local, and more accurate information on the internet. The classification information network is based on the country, leading to not focus, but also the problem of weak brands. Word of mouth network and YAHOO merger, named YAHOO word of mouth network, the name is still good, because, after all, YAHOO’s high visibility, but also easy to do localization promotion.

I believe that the focus of classified information network must be the final competition of each big city, so advance localization marketing is very important, whether by car ads, Internet ads, newspaper ads and other forms of advertising are completely necessary. It is also necessary to establish the localization marketing alliance organization.

I saw in the home page of YAHOO word of mouth to see they are implementing a free web application, the localization strategy is obvious. The author suggests that the reputation of YAHOO localization strategy as soon as possible, use oneself in each big city marketing organizations to increase marketing localization for YAHOO’s reputation and first to occupy a favorable conditions, it will in the future competition has more advantages.


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