Network marketing thinking blow Latan sing

network marketing is a very broad term, we think so complex, in fact, the core of the network marketing is not so complicated, in my opinion, is nothing more than: blowing Latan sing this four words can be said that the core of network marketing, the following look together, Chuiladanchang network marketing.


bragging is not insensitive to brag about how your products are cattle, brag about two principles, first: don’t blow, give yourself a step. Second: don’t learn Qin fire fire, the illegal blow.

see here may still have a lot of friends do not understand, how to brag, well, we take a conventional way to give you an example of bragging. Certain products monthly sales of 10000, so and so certain products and celebrity cooperation, etc..

example 1: when I was in the sales of QQ cloud marketing, soft Wen wrote, QQ cloud marketing and industry celebrities Lu Songsong, yes indeed cow blow my money, I hung up the advertisement in the Lu Songsong blog, it is the theory of partners.

example 2: I often see similar to this kind of advertising, a training service, the number of people who had to break through the advertising of 1 million members, the number of lectures more than 2000 people, VIP members have exceeded the number of 2000. I do not know whether Xu blowing, anyway, I went to their YY lectures, the number of online only 120 people.


if you want to make a product, you only rely on a person to pull customers, this product is not always done, if you do not have their own team, if your team is still relatively small, so let the customers become your team, we will often see a website to help. Pull a person free, or how many points of a software help pull a person, how many free points or RMB etc.. Here are two very powerful cases.

examples of 1:08 years after the rise of which recharge software, through multi-level marketing to do very successful, mainly through the first pull two, pull the level of two, etc.. Through layers of efforts to make your team more and more big. This team is your asset. As long as the organization of your team, you will benefit a lot!

example 2: front end time to see a brush website ranking software, there is a promotion link, only to pull a user through this link, you will get 100 points, although I don’t know this method is really not practical, but I feel very powerful.

talk about

marketing nature is little not talk, can be said in a product turnover rate of 50% is the problem in the above conversation, in the network, since people to consult, then the purchase desire is very strong, did not reach the final transaction, can only say that you are wrong about. Rather than customers do not want to buy the root, the same, I cited two very example of the conversation to give you a reference.

example 1: the customer says "too expensive", we can do so with the customer


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