Wang Tong a super NB planning case


Liu Keya and Wang Zijie are my good friends for many years, the two of them are our unique media shareholders, each time we meet, will exchange some of their case, each other will have great inspiration.

today I come to share a case, Wang Zijie is planning, if you seriously study a few, can give you a great inspiration.

is a traditional shop boss Lin, joined an international well-known brand Haagen Dazs ice cream store, he felt the United States a hundred years brand, global visibility and McDonald’s almost as long as join, will certainly make money.

so, the boss on a breath of millions of investment in the local opened 21 independent stores.

what about


opened up only after the discovery of such heavy assets play, operating costs are very high, very difficult to make money.

so the boss went to the headquarters of Shanghai for help, the headquarters said they all stores are successful copy of the United States, the United States play in China many stores do not make money, they have no way.

so that the boss is very helpless, very upset.

once, he met Wang Zijie in a forum, please help Wang Zijie, Wang Zijie analyzed, think the brand products are very good, no problem, is mainly forest owners management strategy has the problem. And then give the company a new plan.

results, only three months, they did not spend a penny, the store expanded to the 8600, and also make a lot of money.

specifically how to operate it?

1, marketing model planning

2, financial model planning

first, marketing model planning

the boss was originally rented their own shops, their own decoration, recruitment of their own sales play, the cost is very high, it is difficult to make money.

purple Jie told him not so bitter, only need to leveraging other channels to do other channels in the shop on OK.

first step, purple Jie to help him design a set of protocol control method to cooperate with other channels

second step, they found the Guangdong’s largest chain corporation Meiyijia convenience store entry.

if you are Cantonese, you must have seen Meiyijia supermarket brand. It is in Guangdong, a total of 7300 such supermarket terminal. Of course, many of the community convenience stores, couples shop, but the terminal is real. The vast majority are profitable, sales are very stable.

so, these terminals can also become a good selling ice cream sales environment.

so, they just need to design one


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