Some experience of personal blog promotion

Baidu know, stick it, stable flow source

if you just wrote an article, I suggest to go to Baidu know, post bar where he sent a question, ask the questions related to the article, and then wait for someone to answer, remember the link with the article. Then someone will answer your question, and then you will see your article. For example, I wrote about a network card can not receive data, it is close to 2000 of the visit. Tell you, Baidu know, post bar published there, in the weight of Baidu is very high, compared to the previous row in the search. There will be a lot of people who know your blog.

article title, key words

every day there are a lot of news, people read the news will search through news headlines. This will produce some search keywords, popular words. When we write articles, we must remember to choose the title. Good title is not too long, the title to include the hot words. For example, the 7.5 events, the recent Hangzhou racing case. When writing these things, the title must choose the words you will go to search. If you encounter a sensitive title, it is recommended to change the title with other people will think of alternative words. For example, date, place name instead.

personal avatar, the first impression of the window

personal avatar represents his image. Usually, the head is set as a beautiful head, and the game is the most attractive. If you are a woman, but also very beautiful or handsome men, it is best to upload their own. If not, then look for the beautiful head of the Internet bar, it is best sexy. In July 7th, when I had a beautiful head, the results of the visit from 50 to about 164, becoming my blog’s highest daily visit. Visible beauty head charm. Suggested that the avatar can be changed for 2 weeks, unless you are beautiful, then do not have to change.

article content, entertainment game is the mainstream

casual games are what we all accept. In the blog, most of them are young people, and they have different ideas, but the common thing is the enjoyment of entertainment games, especially young people like the game. For example, now the QQ dancer, Fantasy Westward journey.

I in July 27 wrote a play QQ dancer has a sense of the article, the day of the visit reached 242, more than the previous record, and this article is the 130 visit. See the charm of the game. Up to now, the article has reached 213. Ha-ha。 Maybe you don’t play these games, but may wish to play or to feel the screenshot, and then write about your feelings.

background music, soul tentacle

We all want to hear

music, so if when you to enter a blog page, even if there is no love you a look in, but if you hear your favorite music, you will stay to listen to, then it will look at the article or anything else. For >


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