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How to effectively promote the local classification information network

classified information for several years from raging like a storm, classified information website numerous, including nationwide local small countless, but stick to spread the difficult, this article mainly want to share classified information network in Shenzhen and I need you, buy network encountered in the promotion of all aspects of the problem I hope to help our friends.

classification information network for the user in particular, the user is sure to have this demand will look at the classification information, this feature determines the difficulty of the promotion. The following is my practice of the more effective promotion methods:

1 forum thread. Just began to think of is definitely online promotion because of my station is Shenzhen local classified information network, promotion of course only in the local site, so I find a lot of Shenzhen local forum, kept inside the post, but almost all just made up immediately deleted, but no way to use thread for people who think, just released a potential post with, but most of the thread is still removed, but there are still some effects by every thread can bring hundreds of IP, but it’s not sustainable, but also need more time to go global forum, should be said that the extension method is tired, so excluded. Not afraid of tired webmaster can try.

2 promotion list. After all, is a local station, then consider the use of network promotion methods, classification of information station in a more important section is rental housing, rental housing is actually a lot of information are from the agency, decided to print leaflets to distribute leaflets of major intermediary, first printed 500, and then find the large living area, near CBD to distribute their intermediary, in fact only distributed more than and 200 piece of propaganda, as long as the account zone to several major, because of the same area of the housing information is all through the different points, with an intermediary company can see each other, even different intermediary companies supply basically is open, so cover part is enough. After one month, the effect is very obvious, even though every IP increase is not many, but the most important is the site to increase a lot information, with content has the site root, it has achieved the anticipated effect.

two promotion leaflets 3. The above said propaganda is the main way for the real estate intermediary can be said to be for businesses, how to the individual, each city there are many villages in the city, when entering the villages can see the rental ads are everywhere, these are mostly those small rent houses in the post, so I went to India 100 leaflets is very simple, in fact, is a piece of paper on a web site, the sale of second-hand houses, service life, what, for those with a single person propaganda let them help their posts, give them some money they are willing to help post, it is easy to paste again. ". The results show that the effect is still good, but the drawback is still not sustainable, because those ads often clean up.

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