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The use of Taobao shop to promote the case of micro suppliers

micro business generally need to promote their products, what are the ways to promote it, WeChat forum? Post? I just want to say that you really weak burst. Today, Shao Lianhu will give you a way to share the way to use Taobao to promote micro supply business.


first, I’ll give you a few points of knowledge, I am afraid that we do not understand. Open Taobao shop, we call it electricity supplier. The use of mobile Internet sellers, we call micro business. In fact, the two we can call it electricity supplier, micro providers just to move the electricity supplier from another name.

so, what is the electricity supplier, what is the micro business to understand their own, otherwise it will be someone else to joke. Today, I give you talk about the use of Taobao shop to promote the supply of micro suppliers. So, we can not call him a Taobao shop micro business. So, I said this case today, I believe we will be able to understand what they mean.

yesterday, I bought some micro business tutorials and software to my Shao Lianhu blog VIP members and other users in. Because now do too much micro business, we need to be able to learn. Taobao tutorials are not expensive, a few dollars, tens, spend less money but can make you remember me, Why not?? I feel in a Taobao search, a derivative of 136 kinds of methods with feeling good, bought, as follows:


after the purchase, he will download link sent me, I see, is a few articles, I feel boring. Taobao generally receive goods, praise will send something. Anyway, it is a dollar, I would like to confirm the praise, and then received a gift from the seller, God, a lot of celebrity micro business training video tutorials, it is really worth it. I saw a lot of documents in the seller’s advertising information, as follows:


I have seen a lot of books inside the seller’s advertising information, in order to see what the seller is doing, I also added his QQ, a look to know that he is doing micro business, as follows:


after reading, I also see some information about his agent in his QQ space log, I do he really is a micro business. He is a micro business, and Taobao shop no product to sell, only to sell a micro business tutorial. Many people do not understand, Taobao can also sell ah, why not in Taobao released products? Because he is derivative, not the electricity supplier. We look at the sales of the product, 3456, as follows:


said this, a lot of friends must still dizzy confused do not understand what I said in the end. Below, Shao Lianhu blog also give you a detailed analysis:



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